Sultana Schooner Sails-May 27, 2018-1:00-3:00pmTea

Project: Public Sails

Sailing from the Cannon Street Pier, Chestertown *Please note that Adult tickets and Child (under 12) tickets have different pricing and need to be ordered separately.

More about Sultana Schooner Sails-May 27, 2018-1:00-3:00pmTea

Public Sails on the 1768 schooner Sultana are an incredible experience for sailors of all ages. Passengers are encouraged to help raise sail, steer using the schooner's seven-foot tiller, and explore the crew's quarters below deck. *YOUR PURCHASE CONFIRMATION WILL ARRIVE VIA EMAIL. IF IT DOES NOT ARRIVE IN A TIMELY MANNER PLEASE CHECK YOUR EMAIL SPAM FILE OR CALL 410-778-5954.

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