Sultana Full Day Sails-Sept. 16, 2017-10AM

Project: Public Sails

Sailing from the Cannon Street Pier, Chestertown to The Reward *Please note that Adult tickets and Child (under 12) tickets have different pricing and need to be ordered separately.

More about Sultana Full Day Sails-Sept. 16, 2017-10AM

*NOTE: The Public Sail on Saturday, September 16th is longer than usual (10:00 – 3:00) due to the fact that it starts in Chestertown and ends at the Reward. This trip should be limited to 14 passengers and the price is $50/person. All passengers would drive to Chestertown in the morning to meet the boat, and get shuttled back to their cars from the Reward in the Sultana van. All passengers need to bring their own lunch!

Public Sails on the 1768 schooner Sultana are an incredible experience for sailors of all ages. Passengers are encouraged to help raise sail, steer using the schooner's seven-foot tiller, and explore the crew's quarters below deck. Sultana Projects 11am-1pm Public Sails are considered “Ecology Sails” Help pull our 20-foot-wide sampling net to catch fish, crabs, and other critters from the Chester River. Lots of fun for kids and adults, too. And yes . . . we still go sailing, fire the guns, and do all of the other things that make a SULTANA sail fun. *YOUR PURCHASE CONFIRMATION WILL ARRIVE VIA EMAIL. IF IT DOES NOT ARRIVE IN A TIMELY MANNER PLEASE CHECK YOUR EMAIL SPAM FILE OR CALL 410-778-5954.

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