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Internship opportunities are available on all Sultana Education Foundation Summer Programs for young adults ages 15 to 17.  Interns participate in all of the program’s activities but are also called upon to assist staff members in organizing and operating the program.  Internships are limited to one per trip and pay tuition equal to 50% of the stated full tuition of that program. Tution must be paid immediately after registration--an email will be sent directly indicating specific pricing for the various trips. Interns for trips on the schooner SULTANA must have previously participated in a Summer Program onboard SULTANA. 

PLEASE REMEMBER: Internships are first come first served and each trip has room for 1 intern. Preference is given to previous campers with final approval coming from trip leaders. Required medical forms and logistics are the same for interns as for campers. Please see specific program links for packages.

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